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The Women Rising  conference is set for November 1, 2019.

FLX Women is seeking sessions that are inspirational, interactive, unique and relevant. We want to curate experiences that help women leaders connect the stories and experiences of others to their own growth and development, that broaden the sense of possibility and optimism for women in the lead, provide participants with actionable skills, and that help participants step into their own power. 

Sessions that enable connection to self and others and encourage dialog, new thinking and actionable skills are encouraged. We want
to hear the voices, stories and ideas of women from all backgrounds and lived experiences. It is our goal to create a slate of sessions that address the whole person – that discuss issues in our work lives as well as the other spheres of our lives to provide a holistic, intersectional look at how we move through life as women.


Keep our three conference themes in mind,
which is most relevant to you?


Resilience is not only the power to overcome, the capacity to endure challenge and the ability to bounce back after failure, disappointment or difficulty; it is also the use of practices that prepare for a multiplicity of experiences. Resilience is learning to adapt to changing contexts while remaining authentically ourselves; being true to our own sense of self yet being open to growth, change and transformation. Resilience is valuable in times of crisis and in times of calm and brings increased joy, balance, meaning and connection.


Resistance is our power to oppose and withstand that which we do not support. Resistance means using our voices and our resources, including whatever privilege we have, to take a stand for and advocate for human dignity. Conversely, when we face our own internal resistance, we recognize that resisting personal change and transformation is a maladaptive practice that may hold us back.  Understanding our internal, personal resistance to change helps us explore our values and make decisions about our actions. We can then use public resistance to make change and push against social practices that hold our communities back; we can work together to create the fullest, most just life for all.


In an age of disconnection, distraction
and division, purposely and deeply connecting with others by sharing our stories and listening to others with empathy is a radical approach that brings understanding and healing. Radical connection means crossing difference, stretching ourselves to see many perspectives, and digging deep to find common ground.  Women are natural connectors yet sometimes we are disconnected by competition, internalized stereotype and social systems that hinder our performance and separate us. Engaging in a lifestyle of radical connection brings us together so that we can empower and be empowered, see and be seen, and use our unique gifts to improve the world.





We are no longer accepting proposals for 2019.


Catch us next year!




Updates about selected speakers coming soon!

All proposal submissions must be submitted by April 30, 2019 to be considered for the Women Rising 2019 Conference Program.

After the deadline, a team will review the proposals and select highly rated proposals that contribute to a balanced
and comprehensive conference program. Notifications regarding your proposal status will be sent by late May, 2019.
Once notified of your selection, speakers must register within ten business days to ensure confirmation of speaking slot.

Selected speakers will be registered for the conference at no cost.


We thank you in advance for contributing your time and knowledge to craft this proposal and your
interest in being part of Women Rising: Resilience, Resistance & Radical Connection.

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