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Women are Rising in Radical Connection

By Kristen Fragnoli

Two days ago, on Friday November 1, 2019, almost 200 people gathered at Women Rising: Resilience, Resistance and Radical Connection – the first FLX Women’s Leadership conference - and I still haven’t slept much; I am riding the wave of incredible energy released by all who took part.

I am uplifted and humbled and so filled with gratitude.

On Friday I was gifted in so many ways. I was given the gift of the support and brilliance of a team of shining women and men who stepped up in connection, who trusted my vision for this experience even in its earliest days, and who stepped up in action by helping me put into place every last detail of an event that so many of you said was “the best I’ve ever attended.” You know who you are and you are simply amazing! *

Women Rising was so powerful because everyone in the room rose to the challenge I posed in my opening remarks and took the risk of getting personal with their vision, of opening and sharing, of practicing Radical Connection.

Two years ago I took the leap of starting a new “chapter” in my life to live more aligned with my authentic self; I trusted my own deep, driving knowledge that a new definition of leadership based on radical connection has the power to release our inner presence, gives us the courage to bring our gifts to the world, and activates our power to live and lead with courage, humanity and a just vision for the future.

One year ago I trusted myself to pursue the outrageous act of creating a day to share my idea with women in my community to spread the word that together, we really can tap the incredible potential within us and within our community; we really can connect across difference to see each other anew; we really can honor each other’s gifts; and in doing so, we really can bask in the energy of each other’s genius. From that seed of courage FLX Women and the Women Rising event were born.

If you were present, you know that we shared an incredible moment of collective “sawubona.” We saw each other fully and created the most beautiful moments together. Like the paper tiles of our collective art creation, each of us were part of creating a moving and inspirational experience. Had YOU not been there, what was created would have been different because your unique contribution, like a piece of a puzzle (a 187-piece puzzle to be exact) was a part of creating the whole gorgeous picture.

So today, I release my intention to the world – I will continue to speak to and about women to share my vision for how we can redefine leadership by connecting deeply to self and connecting deeply to others; with this Radical Connection we will build our resilience and unleash our power of resistance. We will be the leaders of our own lives and we will change the world!

Stay tuned and stay connected…

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Kristen is a speaker, leadership coach, radical connector, traveler and lover of books and mountains. She is the founder of FLX Women and owner and CEO of Quest Potential Leadership Coaching. She believes deeply in the innate potential and presence we all hold within us and is committed to speaking to and about women to share her vision about redefining leadership through radical connection to self and others. She tries to be courageous, passionate and connected in all she does and hopes you are too! Learn more about her work at and

*They know who they are, but you may not. The brilliant Women Rising team includes:

Jeanne Beck Jasna Bogdanovska Aliza Bridgman

Kelsey Bright Kate Burns Jennie Erdle

Jessica Fragnoli Steve Fragnoli Krista Gleason

Susan Kelly David Manzo Heidi Marcin

Kim McKinsey-Mabry Michelle Pedzich

Leigh Pitifer Audrey Rich Karen Thurston

Gwen Van Laeken Marty Wallace

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