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What Is FLX Women All About?

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

By Kristen Fragnoli

FLX Women was started as a way to fill a void that I have been feeling and witnessing for quite some time. I needed to find a purposeful community of women who could join together as they seek to grow into their potential, make a difference in the world and be effective leaders while also connecting to and developing a deep sense of self; learning (or re-learning) to trust intuition, live joyfully, release old limiting beliefs and habits and build relationship with others with openness and sincerity. I needed a place between traditional “leadership” programs (of which I have experienced many) and girls’ night out. I knew I needed a place to talk about, and listen to other women about serious ideas – about the real challenges of being and becoming a strong, independent woman (especially on the days I don’t feel so strong) and stretching myself to be more - more creative, more active, more in tune with the world, more deeply connected to humanity and the natural environment.

Leadership theory and training has taught me so much, but it wasn’t giving me this.

So many of the leadership programs I have engaged in come from a place of masculine leadership. Women can learn to “survive and thrive” in a man’s world. OK, of course there is value in having the skills to lead alongside men, and we can all benefit from some helpful “survival skills,” but I want to talk about leading and growing using our strengths in a new way -no more “lone ranger” leadership ideals. I want to deeply embrace our feminine energy, our human dignity, to consider leadership as a communal process that also values the internal, intuitive and creative forces so often shut down or devalued in women. I want to hear the power of women’s stories to help me thrive. I want to thrive not just as a “leader” but as a whole being.

So, let’s talk about assertively standing up for ourselves and using our strength, and let’s also talk about finding silence and solitude to hear our souls speak. Let’s talk about negotiating to get what we want, let’s also talk about compassion and empathy and listening to make change. Let’s talk about “strategic visioning” and let’s also talk about the vision the universe has for our lives.

Feminine power and feminine leadership have been a force for change, growth and thriving for millennia; it has ebbed and flowed in societies throughout the world. I believe that the fierce power we have can and will change the world. I believe women are again rising and I want to be part of that rise by lifting myself and others. A lofty goal that can’t be achieved alone… FLX Women is how I am trying to “be the change I seek in the world.” We are starting small but mighty – won’t you join us?

In support of your success! Kristen and all the FLX Women

Kristen is a leadership coach, speaker, traveler and lover of books and mountains. She is the owner of Quest Potential Leadership Coaching and founder of FLX Women. Learn more about her work at She tries to be courageous, passionate and connected in all she does and hopes you are too!

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